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Seamlessly Lovely

Elizabeth Marie :: San Francisco


I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and knew it would be wise to move home for a little to save up some money.  Don’t be nervous though, I have lots of friends who found work, just be diligent and work hard, things will fall into place :)


Hi love! I commend you for being the kind of person who’s straight forward and honest, don’t lose that quality! 

Here’s the hard truth, if he is being confusing in the beginning it might not necessarily get better from here.  Things should be straight forward, and he shouldn’t leave you feeling so uncertain and insecure about the way he feels about you.  I would absolutely ask him because it’s crucial you set boundaries and let him know you’re not going to be walked all over.  If he thinks you’re crazy for expressing your feelings AFTER you’ve slept together, he’s not worth any of your time.  I can understand if he was taking his time getting to know you and dating you but not after you’ve hooked up…he should be spending time and attention on you and showing interest.  

Go ahead, speak up.  Say something along the lines of, I have fun with you and really like you, and I’d appreciate if you let me know what you think we’re doing because I don’t want to be led on.  It’s ok if you don’t have feelings for me, but I need to know before I get anymore involved with you.  

If he can’t quickly articulate that he feels the same way about you, it’s time to move on and forward.  I know these things can be difficult, but the truth is that the ones who can’t give you your full heart aren’t worth your time because there really are dozens of worthwhile guys out there who are capable of giving you the time and love you deserve.  Don’t settle for someone who leaves you feeling confused.  Best of luck my dear! 


I work full time so my days are pretty packed.  On my days off I’m perfectly happy cooking new recipes and reading in the sun.  Take a walk and find a new park to picnic in.  I go to free yoga in the park on sundays! I’ve also started following more people on instagram who live in my area and go to cool restaurants and places.  Each week I try somewhere new. Read the newspaper in a cute coffee shop.  Make a collage, paint a picture, try new creative outlets! Make lists of your dreams and goals and research ways to complete them.  Write letters to old friends.  Go to concerts! Visit museums! Find the art galleries in your area and visit them the third thursday of the month, that’s generally the art world’s gallery night and galleries will open their doors and serve refreshments.  Take this time as an opportunity to further your education through experiences and things you couldn’t do while you were in school.  I’m excited I have more time to read the newspaper and books that aren’t school related.  Jump into the world, it’s waiting to be explored!