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The Clientele - Reflections After Jane

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Thank you so much, I’m always happy to shed a little light on things! The best thing you can do for yourself is throw out anything you’ve ever read or heard about waiting to call a dude, playing coy, or any of that bullshit.  If you like someone, and he genuinely likes you, and if he’s worth any of your precious time, those rules won’t mean anything.  

Do what feels right. Do what your heart tells you to do. 

If you want to call him, you shouldn’t have to wait! If he likes you and if he sees your value, he won’t want you to play hard to get.  It shouldn’t feel forced or calculated, it should be natural.  When Aaron and I started dating, I don’t ever remember holding back.  We talked immediately after our first kiss, first date, and everything else because we enjoyed each others company.  

The difficult truth is that if he gives you any doubts or makes you feel “clingy” or foolish for reaching out too soon after hooking up, he’s not worth any of your time.  No matter how much you like him, if he makes the beginning challenging, it isn’t going to get any better.  Don’t settle for someone who makes you feel insecure about your feelings.  Be with someone who makes it clear that they want to know everything about you, far beyond what you look like when your peeling your clothes off…someone who wants every part of your mind, not just your body.  

Go for it, text him. And if he doesn’t give you his time, he definitely doesn’t deserve your heart.  One day you’ll meet a boy who doesn’t make you play games, and it will feel comfortable, and  right. Wait for something that’s worthwhile.  

So happy you appreciate my look on life and let me know if you need any more advice! Keep me updated, I hope things work out for the best babe! xx 


Hahahah you’re so cute, I wish I knew you in real life! That’s a fantastically odd compliment, thanks!
Welllll when it comes to interiors I like keeping things simple and adding little personal pastel details. I think white duvets are beautiful and crisp looking. Look for fun pillows to dress things up, they’re versatile and fun and something you can change easily if your style changes. Then find a creative way to hang pictures, string Christmas lights on your window, use stacks of books to create leveling on your nightstand/dresser, or even as a stand to put gorgeous shoes on you wouldn’t mind having on display. Invest in some succulents! I think something green in a room really livens it up, and succulents are low maintenance. Visit thrift stores and scour other blogs for inspiration. Like I said, I love starting with a clean background and adding small personal details, especially for college dorms because they’re so temporary. Don’t be afraid of your style evolving! Have so much fun decorating your very first place!