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Seamlessly Lovely

Elizabeth Marie :: San Francisco


We’ve been dating for 10 months or so! Long distance is not easy by any means, but somehow, Aaron makes it as easy as I could imagine.  We still have yet to get in a fight and I think that’s because we communicate constantly, trust each other, and are very very independent individuals.  

We make each other’s lives better but we by no means rely on one another to be happy.  We’re happy together because we’re capable of being happy alone.  That’s not to say we like being geographically unavailable…it’s hard.  I miss him every single day but I never have to worry about him and visa versa.  We don’t keep each other from going out with our friends and doing what we want.  We’re not possessive or needy.  

I think timing is really important and we met each other at the right time in our lives.  We’ve both agreed we weren’t as mature or ready for relationships in the past, as we are now.  We found one another at a good time in each of our lives.  We both want the same things and value our independence.  I think the distance has made us grow and appreciate one another more than ever.  It makes our time together precious.  I can’t wait for the month to pass by so we can be reunited.  Hopefully our relationship continues to grow the way it currently is! 


Any relationship is going to be terrifying in the beginning because putting your heart on the line and showing your vulnerabilities is terrifying! But I promise that if you meet the right person, all of that will be worthwhile.  Before you completely let your guard down, use some of your past mistakes as lessons. What was so horrible about your past relationship? What did he or she do to hurt you? What did you do that you wish you could take back? Do not settle for anything that can be a repeat of past mistakes…be with someone who brings out the best in you and visa versa.  Go into things with a level head.  Having said that, you mustn’t let your old wounds stop you from finding new love.  As long as each of you are self sufficiently happy people, I see no reason why a new healthy, wonderful relationship can’t be yours! 

Just think of this as a new clean slate.  You’re wiser than you were before.  Your past heartbreak was just helping prepare you for the new amazing person walking into your life. Best of luck darling. 

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