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Seamlessly Lovely

Elizabeth Marie :: San Francisco

I’ve been super busy lately so I’m sorry I haven’t answered the piles of questions you guys’ have! I’ll get to my inbox soon, no need to ask me the same question twice! xx 


Money! I had to come home right after school because my parents aren’t supporting me anymore. But I’m definitely planning on following my heart back there, as soon as I can find out how to financially support my heart’s desires! 


I’ll be honest, I’ve been gloomy a lot lately because I’m constantly missing San Francisco and Aaron and all my friends, so my musics reflected that. My mom got me a Laura Nyro record I play all the time.  Some Sharon Van Etten, Angel Olsen, Mac deMarco, and Elvis Depressedly.  On the less gloomy side, Blood Orange and Cyril Hahn.  Here’s my soundcloud.